Saturday, April 30, 2016

160430 A note on the "Lost Shakespeare Plays"

Sorry about getting behind and squeezing everything into the last day. Still, 27 Shakespeare jokes for free is more than I managed all last year. If you want to read them in order from the beginning, they start here:

With the election looming, I may do a spate of political humor, but for now, I'm going to assess my other dormant blogs. If you know an English major, forward this or the above link to them. It might make a boring graduation ceremony pass a little easier.

160429 A Joke : Lost Shakespeare #27

#27) "That Really Blows: The Guy Fawkes Story" (failed attempt at a "contemporary historical" play and, sadly, the last time journalism was attempted in England)

160428 A joke : Lost Shakespeare #26

#26) "Return Of The Son Of The Bride Of Henry"

160427 A joke : Lost Shakespeare #25

#25) "Inch By Inch" (abandoned sequel to "Measure By Measure"; disputed origin of the Three Stooges' "Niagara Falls" routine)

160426 A joke : Lost Shakespeare #24

#24) "Macbeth, I Hear You Calling" (first draft)